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Personal Statement

When I was first introduced to yoga 19 years ago, I started with a set of DVDs of Power Yoga with Bryan Kest. At the time, I saw the practice as an extension of my workout routine. With a background in gymnastics, swimming/diving and modern dance, my body quickly adapted to the asanas. I found some of the poses challenging and would sometimes lose patience but I always felt great after my practice so I kept coming back to the mat.

But it was only after about 6 years that something in me started to let go and open up to the other 7 limbs of the path. That's when I really started to practice yoga, through listening more deeply to my teachers, studying the philosophy and developing a daily practice that has continued to this day. Now, when I get on my mat or enter a class to teach, the physical is only one entry point for the practice. These days, it's the psychological and spiritual aspects of yoga where my passion comes alive. Meditation, both formal and informal, helps me to take the mindfulness practice off the mat and into the rest of my daily life.

I’ve seen first hand the transformative effects of this practice and I feel honored to share these teachings with others seeking to find peace and balance in their lives. 

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